Dress for your Body Shape

Dress for your body Shape

Choosing the right look to flatter your body shape can help you feel more confident and enhance your best features to create a more flattering silhouette. 

The key to choosing the most flattering styles is to know your shape and look for details like ruffles, frills and pleats or other features that draw the eye away from problem areas. 

Look for styles that are comfortable to wear and fit well. Look for colours, shapes and prints that suit your personal style and make the most of your features. 

Fashion should reflect your personal tastes and lifestyle but don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and prints.  

Hourglass Shape

Your bust and hips are in proportion but with a narrow waist. 

Look for tops with swing to highlight your waist line. Tailored or belted tops can be very flattering. Also look for tops that follow the natural curve of your waist and hips. V-necks and scoop-neck tops can also complement your bust, without being too revealing. 

Pear Body Shape

You have wider hips and thighs with narrow shoulders and a smaller bust. 

Look for tops that will balance out your top and bottom half. Look for tops with detail, such as frills or ruffles at the neck to draw the eye upward. Boat-neck and square neck tops can make narrow shoulders look more balanced. 

Oval Body Shape 

You are wider around the middle but have thinner forearms and lower legs. 

Empire waisted or Gigi Tops are a great look to define your waistline, while camouflaging the tummy You can also look for soft, A-line shapes and fabrics that don’t cling. Choose tops with v-neck or scoop-neck to draw the eye upward. Pleated, draped or gathered tops can be a very effective way to camouflage the tummy area. 

Rectangle Body Shape 

You are straight up and down, without a defined waist line.  

Your goal is to create the look of curves. Look for tailored tops, tops with details such as ruching, or ruffles or patterns. Pleated, wrap tops, baby doll or peplum tops can be a very flattering for your shape. Adding a wide belt can be an easy way to add definition to your shape. 

Inverted Triangle Body Shape 

You are wider at the shoulders and bust but narrower at the hips. 

Balance your upper body by selecting tops with A-line or empire waist silhouettes. - Tops with V-necks can draw attention downward and can elongate the upper body. Avoid tops with shoulder padding or frilled, rushed, detailed or broad necklines.