Prints & Patterns for the Curvy Figure

Prints for the curvy figure

Prints and Patterns are a great way to add colour, up-style your look. The key to choosing the right prints and patterns to flatter your shape, lies in knowing how to wear them strategically to enhance your best features.

Prints can enhance any outfit, create visual interest and draw the eye. Look for prints and styles that flatter your body shape, boost your confidence, and reflect your personal style. 

Look for colours and prints that suit your personal style and make the most of your features, Adding a splash of colour can be as say as adding a colourful scarf, or some cute accessories.  

Choosing prints to suit your shape

Know Your Body Shape

Start by identifying your body shape. Whether you are an Apple or oval and are widest around the middle, or you’re a pear and bigger around the hips and thighs, or you’re an inverted triangle and with a larger bust, broad shoulders and narrower hips, understanding your body shape will help you choose the most flattering print and styles  to suit your shape.  

Make patterns works for your shape

Balance Your Proportions

Prints and patterns can create visual balance and proportion and can be used to create definition. For example, If you have an hourglass or rectangle shape, you can look for styles and prints such as belted, crossover over or wrap-styles to emphasise your waist line or create the illusion of a cinched waist. 

If you have a pear shape, and have narrow shoulders but is wider at the hips, you can look for a printed tops with interesting details at the neckline, to help balance your lower half by drawing the eye upward, away from the hips. 

Highlight Your Best Features

Once you know your shape, you should look for patterns that will draw attention to your best features. If you are bigger in the tummy and hips, perhaps look for bold or colourful prints that emphasise the shoulders, neckline and bust. 

Minimising problem areas 

The right prints can help draw attention away from certain areas. To minimise the appearance of a larger bust or tummy, consider tops with vertical stripes or vertical patterns that can help to elongate the torso. Layering with a light weight jacket can also create a more narrow, streamlined look.  

Large vs Small prints

Large or Small Prints

Consider scale or size of the pattern, in relation to your body size. If you are shorter with more petite frame you may be overwhelmed by large or bold patterns, instead you can look for smaller, more subtle prints. 

If you're taller or have a larger build, you can choose larger, bolder patterns. Try using geometric or abstract prints strategically, to draw the eye, teaming them with darker or plain colours to minimise the appearance of the tummy or other areas. 

Vertical vs Horizontal Stripes

Vertical vs. Horizontal Stripes

Curvy women don’t need to avoid horizontal stripes. The key is knowing how to make stripes work for your shape. Vertical stripes can elongate your shape and making you appear taller and slimmer,  horizontal stripes can add width, so use them strategically to enhance certain areas. 

For example, someone who is widest at the hips, might look for horizontal strips or panels on top, to draw attention upward to their shoulders and bust and balance out the bottom half.      

Make the most of patterns 

Prints and patterns can also be used to draw the eye towards certain areas and, when placed strategically, can have a slimming effect. For example, a diagonal pattern across the waist can be slimming, or a top with a colourful print at the neckline or across the shoulders can draw the eye away from the tummy and hips. 

Asymmetrical patterns can be visually interesting. Look for dresses or tops with diagonal patterns, such as asymmetrical or handkerchief hemlines to create a unique focal point. 

Colour to flatter the figure

Look for colours that best suit you taste and flatter and complement your skin tone. Bright and lighter colours can highlight your best features, while darker colours and prints can cause areas to recede and can have a slimming effect. 

Matching top and bottom in one colour, can have a slimming affect. Look for tops with contrasting pops of bright colour at the shoulders and bust and try teaming it with dark, black or even wide leg pants or skirt, to balance out the tummy and hips.  


Whether you love classic floral prints or you’re into boho chic, or bold geometric prints, don't be afraid to experiment with different looks. Scarves and bright seasonal tops are a great place to start.  Style should be about you and what makes you feel good and look confident. 

Have fun and happy styling.