How to style Wide Leg Pants

How to Style Wide leg pants


Wide-leg pants are a fabulous look for curvy women. Perfect to accentuate the curves, they’re stylish, versatile and can create a chic outfit for any occasion. The key to stylish wide leg leg pants is to balance them with the right top or jacket or even a few clever accessories to create a stylish and elegant look. 

When choosing wide leg pants, keep in mind your body proportions and be sure to choose wide-leg pants that are comfortable and fit well and are the right length to suit your frame. If they are too long or too wide at the hem, consider getting them adjusted, to get the best fit. 

Most importantly, have fun, experiment. Remember, balance is the key. Always team loose pants with a fitted top or team a loose top with fitted pants or leggings. 

Easy ways to style wide-leg pants

Choose the Right Fit 

Make sure your wide-leg pants fit well, especially at the waist and hips. Look for pants that finish on the natural waist or slightly above. Coulottes in a long or shorter mid-calf length, or a smart Boot Cut Pant can help to balance out wider hips and tummy and can be very flattering.

Choose the right length

Wide leg pants can come in many different lengths. A longer length pants are ideal for evening and can look great with a structured jacket. Shorter length, mid calf or 7/8 length pants can be a comfortable and flattering substitute for a skirt or dress. 


Dos and Dents of wide leg pants

Balance the look 

Wide-leg pants can add volume to your silhouette, so be sure balance them with a fitted top to balance the look. Avoid teaming a long, loose top with wide, loose pants as it can add bulk and make you look heavier. 

Instead, try tucking in your favourite blouses, sweaters, camis or T-shirts for a clean and polished look. Try teaming high-waisted, wide-leg pants with a short cropped top, jacket or tucked-in blouse, or you can add a belt to define your waist and create a flattering silhouette. 

Layering for a polished look 

For a smart, layered look, try teaming wide leg pants with a short vest or cardigan over a simple top or cami to add dimension and style to your ensemble. You can opt for a cropped or structured jacket for a sophisticated look that means business. 

Accessorise with style 

For a smart outfit, look for shoes with a heal. Wedges, stilettos or platform sandals can elongate the  legs and create a stunning look. You can also try simple flats or a plain, white sneakers for a look that is fresh, casual and very on trend.  

Adding accessories like statement belts, chunky necklaces, earrings or a bright, printed scarf can be a great way elevate the look. 

Wide leg pants

Consider Colour 

Try teaming wide-leg pants with a top in the same colour for a monochrome look, can create a sophisticated and elongating effect. Consider matching a black top and bottom and them layering the outfit with a bright, flowing or structured blazer or jacket, in a contrasting colour, for a striking look 

Experiment with Prints  

Wide-leg pants can provide an excellent canvas for experimenting with prints and texture. Team printed pants with a plain, contrasting or matching top. Look for interesting textured fabrics to add interest.