Why Size is Just A Number

Tips to choose the right fit

The key to confidence and looking good in your clothes is to look for colours and styles that best flatter your shape. Instead of limiting yourself to a particular size, look for features that will bring out your best features and give you the most flattering silhouette. 

When shopping for clothes, keep in mind that all manufacturers have their own sizing, so one label’s sizing won’t be the same as another.

When shopping for clothes, the goal is to look for comfort and to choose the size that fits best. The difference between sizes might only a few centimetres but even a little extra can make all the difference.

How to get the perfect fit 

Get the right fit for your shape 

Your clothing should reflect your personal style and taste. Look for clothes that are comfortable and fit well and don’t cling. 

To get the best fit, the key is to buy for your most difficult to fit area. For example, if you are larger in the bust, or have big arms, look for tops that fit those areas well. You can always have the garment taken up or taken in, to get the perfect fit. 

Focus on fit, not the size tag 

Clothing sizes are only a guide. Don’t be fixed into always buying a particular size, as some styles will, naturally, fit differently, depending on the cut, the fabric and whether it has pleats or gathers and other features. 

Essentially, clothing sizes are an algorithm, plugged into a factory cutting machine. Each subsequent size is created by adding an extra inch or two (or even as little as a centimetre) per size. Clothing sizes aren't a reflection on you, or who you are as person.  

To get the best fit, instead, try looking for features like tuck pleats, gathers, scoop necks and princess seams, that will draw the eye, create shape or to skim your curves and draw attention to your best features 

Layering is the key to a great outfit

Layer it up 

Layering is a great way to flatter your shape. Look for layered styles like twofer tops or try adding a lightweight jacket to create a streamlined look that is very flattering. 

You might trying teaming a blouse with a cami and wear it open as a jacket. Pairing a cami with the same colour bottoms and teaming it with a contrasting blouse or jacket can create a taller, slimmer look

Look for pleats to skim those curves 

If you like to draw attention away from you tummy, Pleats can be a great way to skim your curves without clinging. You can also look for features like pin tucks or gathering under the bust, as well as front and back yokes, to give a more relaxed fit.

Get into the Swing

Another way to get a flattering style is to look for swing style tops that have an A-line shape or princess seams to give shape and give more room around the hips and tummy. 

Swing tops are ideal if you’re in between sizes as it will give a more comfortable fit around the hips, without upsizing your shoulders and bust. 

Remember, clothing should be fun, easy and comfortable to wear, so always put your best foot forward and don’t be afraid to try something different